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Keepers of the Faith

An Exhibition From the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral Historical Archives Hellenic Center Fellowship Hall

The Keepers of the Faith Exhibition celebrated on March 10, 2012 was a milestone for the Holy Trinity Cathedral family. Organized and presented by the Ladies Philoptochos Society and the Archives Committee, approximately 200 artifacts were displayed tracing our history from 1865 to 1915. The exhibition fulfilled our mission to:

(1) Respect and Protect Historic Sacred Expressions of Our Orthodox Christian Faith
(2) Honor Our Orthodox Pioneers
(3) Preserve and Share the Greek Orthodox History in New Orleans
(4) Reach For the Future

(5) Educate Future Generations.

We gratefully acknowledge our gratitude for making this event possible to all our sponsors:

Maria Anastasiou, Evangelia Bilalis, Cannata's Market, Morgan City, Olga Christakis, Danae Columbus, Debbie Funti, Gulf Marine & Industrial Supplies, Kaare Johnson, Richard Maag, Laila Marcos, Maria Mellis, Popi Michaelakis, Martin Wine Cellar, Dr. and Mrs. Nick Moustoukas, Rouses Supermarkets, John Vassilopoulos (Iatrodesign, LLC), Dina Vatranis, Cathy Vial, Stephanie Vial, Winn Dixie, Ginny Zissis, Zuppardo's Economical Super Market.

Display cases and panels were loaned at no cost by The Historic New Orleans Collection. Thank you to all for your support.

Click on the images below for a sample of maps and articles displayed at the exhibition.

Exhibit 1: The Beginning

Origins of the first
Greeks in New Orleans
Origins of Eastern Orthodox
pioneers in New Orleans

Father Agapius Hocharenko
Earliest found record of
a Greek immigrant to New Orleans

Exhibit 2: The 1800's

Assorted liturgical artifacts;
Priest’s hats with hat box;
processional fans on both sides of
the glass case. circa 1880—1930
First iconostasion as described in 1885 travelogue. The icons are dated 1872

Jesus Christ Tempted.
The crucifixion story displayed in 12 oil paintings on the Kouvouklion

The Holy Kouvouklion; circa late 1800s
1872 icon of the Panagia draped in the fashion of some areas in Greece in the 1800s
Photo of the “Little Church”
circa mid to late 1800s;
Cyrillic Prayer Book 1865;
Sacramental Journal 1881

Processional cross; 1863 lithograph of King George I of Greece signed by Holy Trinity founder, Botassi; assorted icons

Exhibit 3: The 1900's

Saint John from a Crucifixion tableau;
circa 1932
Panagia, Mother of Jesus from
a Crucifixion tableau; circa 1932
Jesus Christ The Good Shepherd from
the second iconostasion; circa 1932
Collection of icons

Images of the “Little Church”
circa 1910—1917
and an Epitafion circa early 1900s
The Holy Trinity Icon; circa 1900s
Sunday School Youth;
circa 1930
Unknown persons with epitafion;
circa 1915
“Little church” Iconostasion circa 1915